About us

Panderma Edition is the name of our newest venture which operates as an online gallery and publisher.

Our mission is innovative-spirited but also respects tradition, and it is based on two keystones. First, the person of Carl Laszlo -Panderma Edition carries on the endeavors and aspirations of this legendary art collector, gallerist and writer- who established an art publishing company with a similar name in 1958, Basel. Through this he released several albums, monographies, magazines and artists’ multiple artwork folders. We would like to carry on his legacy and example of real value creation. Our second keystone is the former Biksady Gallery and Auction house, for which we have worked tremendously in the past couple of years and which also allowed us to gain the trust and friendship of many artist and art collector.

We believe that with our experience and enthusiasm we can enrich our clients’ life with artistic value through Panderma Edition as well.


The tradition of Panderma

Carl Laszlo’s way of thinking regarding art is an example to be followed both nationally and internationally. The widely-known Art Basel represents this perfectly; Laszlo himself was among the founders of the art market. His apartment-gallery welcomed world-famous artists in an intellectual, spiritual and friendly environment: Friedrich Hundertwasser, Pablo Picasso, Victor Vasarely, Christian Schad, Lajos Kassák, Marcello Morandini or László Moholy-Nagy among others. After founding Panderma Edition in 1958, he published artworks of high standard. Through his work of research he rediscovered and directed attention to life-works, and gave way to promising new artists. Periodicals – like Panderma magazine or Radar – and monographic albums – from the works of William Wauer, Christian Schad or Thilo Matsch – also saw the daylight. One of Carl Laszlo’s greatest ventures was the three-volume series La Luna en Rodage; its pieces are widely popular on the world auction market. All three volumes include nearly 50 artists’ multiple or original works in a conceptually selected order, so the owner of the volumes may hold possession of a mini museum.  Another spectacular initiative of his was releasing numbered artist folders. These collections contained a certain number of works of an artist which were usually made by silkscreen technique. This is how many Hungarian artists could become known in the international art world.

The above mentioned examples are only a quick demonstration of an admirable and forward-thinking life work which we can all draw inspiration from.

This intellectual legacy is one of the bases of the former Biksady Gallery’s profile. For nearly 7 years, the exhibition space and gallery gave home to several international exhibitions in the heart of Budapest. We also put a lot of work into introducing Hungarian artists. During the daily gallery activity, our customers could look through an excellent selection of paintings, art objects, furniture and carpets. Our successful auctions drew in not only local but international attention and interest as well. This was due to a great supply of artworks and the varied-themed auctions where – beside the classic antiques – there was also emphasis on the modern and contemporary period.

Panderma Edition bases its activity on this tradition of aspiring for novelty and creating real value.

The future of Panderma

With knowledge and relevant experience in the national and international art scene and market, our colleagues aim to meet the needs and inspire the new generations of art collectors as well. Therefore, we research and offer modern and contemporary artworks that fit in stylistic interior settings, represent real value and relay relevant messages. Keeping these aspects in mind, we offer affordable pieces of art that hold their value through generations.

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We also aim to carry on the traditions of Panderma in publishing contemporary art folders. These numbered and signed multiple works make it possible for young artists to reach a wider audience with their artistry, and collectors may build up a truly diverse collection.

Panderma Edition wishes to open a new dimension in the world of antique and modern artworks with its complex set of services. We developed our webshop so that all pieces of our collection is easily accessible.

Please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions, requests regarding shipping, detail photos or any further information.