Terms and Conditions of Sale

For all customers placing an order electronically in the webshop at www.pandermaedition.com (pandermaedition.com)

1. General provisions

The www.pandermaedition.com webshop (hereafter called: pandermaedition.com) is the online catalog of Panderma Edition Kft. (1016 Budapest, Hegyalja út 5. IV. em. 18. sz.; tax number: 25897915-2-41) which offers used items and works of art for purchase distributed by pandermaedition.com. By placing an electronic order through the webshop, a contract is generated between pandermaedition.com and the person or company who placed the order (hereafter: customer). The contract of sale to pandermaedition.com is equal to a written agreement or contract which is registered by an order number and stored for a year from the time of order. The customer accepts these terms and conditions when completing the order. This site pandermaedition.com declares that it is in possession of all the legally compulsory licenses for operating the website, for selling the items, and for executing the shipping procedure.

2. Contracting parties

This contract is between Panderma Edition Kft. (1016 Budapest, Hegyalja út 5. IV. em. 18. sz.; tax number: 25897915-2-41), as seller, and the person or company placing the order, as customer. Panderma Edition Kft. is only responsible for orders placed through the pandermaedition.com online catalogue, visibly identified with the company logo and data. The customer fills out the registration sheet with their details, which they can modify at every order placing, and pandermaedition.com executes the order and makes out the invoice accordingly. The customer is responsible for all faults and damages originated from giving incorrect or fake details. pandermaedition.com is entitled to delete an obviously incorrect or fake registration and verify the customer’s authenticity in case of doubt.

3. Prices and product information

On pandermaedition.com the prices listed in the product list and product description are the final selling prices which are valid only for the given appearance.  In case customer places an order on a product, the seller commits to the selected item being purchased and delivered for the final price given at the confirmation of the order. This price is included in the confirmation email sent out after the order was placed. In the webshop, the product description includes all product details, security and consumer information. The purchased product’s packaging includes all information regarding the content and use of the item. The customer is obliged to read all this information after receipt of the product. The customer may deny receipt of product if it is of differing attribution. If an order is for any reason modified or orders are merged, those conditions apply that are valid at the time of modification.

4. Liability of pandermaedition.com

All information regarding the operation of the webshop and shipping orders are available under Sale information. The seller, pandermaedition.com declares that the above mentioned information is obligatory and will do everything to execute them.  pandermaedition.com accepts the ethical codex of SZEK.org, which is available at www.SZEK.org:


The customer declares to know and agree to the content of the documents.

5. Liability of the customer

The customer agrees that placing the order qualifies as a binding offer on their part. By confirming the order(s) the customer accepts this contract and by not complying with the conditions, they are in violation of this contract for which they are legally responsible. The customer declares to see after the payment and receipt of the product as agreed to when placing the order. If the delivery of the product falls through due to the customer’s fault, all additional costs of the failure are covered or repaid by the customer towards pandermaedition.com.

6. Effect of the contract

This contract comes into effect at the confirmation of an order, and ends at the execution of an order. In case of a continuous order, the contract is in effect until the contracting parties deliver all obligations towards each other. The system of pandermaedition.com gives every order an automated order number, which is communicated on the order confirmation site and through the confirmation email that is sent out to the customer. Only those orders are valid that have an order number! The order confirmation takes place immediately or up to 48 hours after the placement of an order. The contract of sale is generated upon the confirmation. If the webshop does not confirm the order within 48 hours, the customer is acquitted from their binding obligations.

7. Right to retract

Terms and conditions of a contract between absentees are included in the information amendment.

8. Complaints

The aim of our webshop is to process and execute all orders in adequate quality and to the full satisfaction of the customer. In case the customer has any complaints about the conditions or the order process, they can forward that to the webshop under Contact us, or by sending an e-mail to info@pandermaedition.com, or sending a letter by post. Our webshop will investigate the complaint within 30 days of receipt, and communicates a solution or answer back to the customer the same way the complaint arrived. Regarding all matters not included in this contract and its connected documents, the absentee contracting and electronic commerce statutes, and the civil code are exemplary.

The contract was last updated: September 5, 2017.